Hey guys, sorry I kinda disappeared for a few weeks. I had no idea it had even been that long!

I ended up getting a really intense (but cool) gig down in (believe it or not) soho (the irony!). I had a string of 9-10 hour work days and then had an engagement/event/class every night of the week at the same time, so my days have really just melted together. That, and my social calendar for the weekends kind of exploded (who knew I was popular?). I’ve had scant few free hours that haven’t involved laundry. Then Lou Reed died and I got all boohoo for a while.

This probably is going to continue and I will be cutting back on my comics to the point where I can no longer lie and call them “regularly updated”. BUT I want to finish up this bitch about New York and answer some of these comments.

Thanks as always for reading, I shouldn’t be so cavalier and blow off something that people seem to genuinely enjoy and people who have been so generous with me and all of my self-involved comic-making over the years! I WILL BE BACK!